Top 7 Halloween Pets Safety Tips!

Top 7 Halloween Pets Safety Tips!

Top 7 Halloween Pets Safety Tips!

Since a long time ago,Halloween has been connected with the ghosts.Alongside the spooks, costumes and decorations.Halloween is, and will always be, a day for the sweet tooth.All the foreigners are eager to shake off the economic doldrums and go trick-or-treat on this way,nowadays more and more people love to dress up their pets as well.

As we all may known,Halloween is rooted in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain that marked the end of summer and the beginning of winter. Celts believed that at this time of changing seasons, the boundary between the worlds was at its thinnest. Souls of the dead would cross over into the land of the living and roam the earth once again. To ward off these spirits, these ancient folk would light bonfires, wear costumes and put on masks.

Keep Halloween Spooky, Scary and Safe.Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party at home or staying in to greet trick-or-treaters, it’s essential to make sure both you and your family or lovely pets are prepared.The question on many parent's minds is: How can I keep my pet safe this Halloween?Halloween is a fun night for kids and adults,but it can be scary for our furry friends.Here are some tricks to keep your pets safe on the spookiest night of the year.

1stKeep A Close Watch On Candy

Most people know that chocolate is toxic to pets as well as sugar-free options containing the chemical xylitol,but many pet owners forget that other types of candy can prove dangerous as well.Instead of taking an unnecessary risk by feeding your pet candy-offer your pet a treat,such as Bony toys.Keep the candy bowl away from your pets is quite important.

2nd,Be Mindful Of Costumes!

Costumes can be an unnecessary source of stress and anxiety for pets.Get your pet to love their costume by keeping them relaxed with calming treats and supplements.Make sure they are comfortable wearing“clothes”before dressing them up.And always ensure the costume does not restrict their movements or vision in any way.

3rd,Dangerous Decorations!

Jack-o-lanterns and dry ice can make for a fantastically spooky atmosphere-but they can also put your pet in serious danger.Instead-decorate with plush toys and other pet-friendly ornaments.


4thStay Visible While Outside!

Lights and colors can help ensure that drivers see your pet at night.Use brightly colored costumes,safety vests,or visibility lights to ensure your pet can be seen.

5th,Keep Your Pet Relaxed!

The havoc of Halloween can be stressful on its own.Keeping pets inside can help-but if the noise proves to be too much,consider getting a calming pheromone diffuser to make your pet feel at home despite the noise.Some pets are happier in a quiet room away from the party.

6thUse Microchip / GPS Tracker / Training Collar

Whether outside or indoors,Halloween festivities may scare or startle your pet and cause them to run away.Spooked pets get lost.Microchip /GPS tracker and training collar tag them in case they get out.

7th,Keep Pets Indoors!

With drivers distracted by the festivities and mischief made by cults and vagrants-it’s a good idea to keep your pets indoors to avoid potential dangers.There,you can keep your pet’s attention with pet nip or a fun scratching post or pet tree.

I hope that these tips help you keep your pet safe this holiday.