About Us

Who We Are

Dr.Trainer was founded in 2015.Our values have remained the cornerstone of our business—a key pillar of those is acting with integrity and qualified products. That means it’s not enough to deliver everyday low prices and everyday low costs if we do it at the expense of who we are as a company. Our business practices have to reflect our business principles.

Pet raising has become a new popular hobby for many people all around the world.Pets can lower risk of people having heart disease or other cancers because pets bring human-beings much fun. Pets now is as a part of people’s life, but also a kind of pleasure of pursuing a better life.

Dr.Trainer aims to make people's pet training happier, to better control the dog's behavior.We are dedicated to continuously improve the care efficient and pleasure of pet owners experience through innovative and user-friendly products design, so that people's relationship between pet is more happy and civilized.

Better love dog behavior control,better harmonious relationship build.

Our Mission

Make pet training more efficient, more convenient and more fun.

Our Vision

To become the industry leader and star power

Stepping into the milestone of pet industry

Be a trendsetter for pet suppliers