How To Treat Your Dog Like A Dog?

How To Treat Your Dog Like A Dog?

How To Treat Your Dog Like A Dog?

Allow your dog to chase ,to touch and to bark to some extent,you can not stop him.Let your puppy to experience everything at his way.Here we have 14 ways to tell your dog you love them in their own language,so they can understand.It is fairly common to question how much our dogs love us, however in evaluating how our canine companions feel about us.We often overlook how our dogs perceive the love we have for them.Reciprocating a dog's unconditional love is not about comfy beds toys and fancy collars.

Number one Dogs need is leadership

The first time you faced your fear took control of the situation while your dog is shocking,and you have returned to a calm state.You need to be stronger and that’s really up to you to make the corrections to assert yourself as a leader.The dog will shade his anxiety and then he will be enjoy being a dog.

Number two Hang out together

Canines have been our companions for Centuries, they love hanging out with us around the house and even running errands with us, if you really want your furry friend to feel like a part of the Family, let them hang out with you as much as possible,whether you're tending to your garden working on a project cleaning or Exercising. Why not let your dog hang out with you?They will love the company and it will be a great bonding moment for both of you.

Number three Take your dog on vacation

Instead of leaving your dog at a pet sitter's home,plan a dog friendly vacation, there are many hotels that are pet friendly if you have a small dog air,travel is easier for larger dogs,you can consider a road trip, maybe rent an rv and head for the coast after. All dogs are our family members and they certainly deserve a trip to a new place.

Number four Raise your eyebrows when you see your dog

This is another way to show your dog you love them ,it's one that comes from Japanese behavioral scientists ,they explain in their research that when a dog raises their eyebrows and sticks out their tongue, they are relaxed and happy,believe it or not, your dog expects the same from you scientific. Studies have shown that dogs can differentiate between human emotions from facial expressions, you can try to hide your feelings but your dog can read your emotions from what's written on your face, letting your furry friend know you love them is as easy as acting normal ,and letting those emotions shine through,so greeting your dog at the door with raised eyebrows and a relaxed smile shows your canine how happy you are to see them.

Number five Dedicate quality time for them

This is perhaps the most important one,we all have things that keep us distracted or busy throughout the day be it work social media or chores.Dog parenting is more than just picking up a dog feeding them and taking them for granted,you are everything to your dog ,so take some time every now and then to show them that they matter, dogs are pack animals that crave companionship although they get excited to see you come home from a long day at work being out all day ,and not giving much attention to them will not create that special bond between you ,remember your dog's life will be much shorter than yours,so try to integrate them a little more in your daily life, be it throwing a ball for them to fetch or be it taking your dog around to your friend's house the next time you visit, after all you don't want to look back on your time with your pet with regret.

Number six Loving gazes

One way to show your dog you love them is through eye contact.Studies have shown that making eye contact while cuddling with your dog releases a hormone in them known as oxytocin. Oxytocin also known as the bonding hormone bonds you with your dog like a mother and baby, so the next time you and your dog are snuggling, look them right in the eye,they will bond with you like you never thought possible, watch your approach though staring down a canine in a forceful manner can be a sign of aggression for your dog.

Number seven Learn what your dog is saying

Did you know that many dogs don't like to be kissed or hugged ,and that they don't want to be interrupted during dinner time ,and sometimes they're not excited to meet your friends unpredictable kids ,your canine companion can express a lot through their body language, if you know what to look for by understanding how dogs communicate, you can help prevent stress and make them feel at ease ,this will build your loving relationship and increase their trust for you .Dogs can't tell us how they are feeling so it is up to us to watch and protect them when you're their protector, you can be sure that your dog will be feeling all the love.

Number eight Focus on touch

Dog experts say that the ears of a dog are one of three nerve centers in their bodies.Gently scratching the spot that is right behind a dog's ears triggers impulses throughout their entire body, thus releasing endorphin hormones ,this is extremely relaxing ,and when you pet your dog it's important that they know that.They have your full attention, a few absent-minded head rubs are nice but they're not going to mean nearly as much as when you're really invested in petting your pooch.

Number nine Respect your dog's nature

Many dog owners confuse caring for their dogs and treating them like babies.It's important to remember that a dog is a dog, and we need to respect their singular needs.Many dog owners discourage their dogs from certain inherent behaviors, such as eating dirt sniffing urine and sniffing each other from behind in these situations, we are not caring for our furry friends, but preventing them from expressing their own nature, this can cause anxiety and confusion it is important that you love your dog for who they are.

Number 10 Put down your phone when you walk into the house

Your dog needs some face-to-face interaction with you when you come home.This is because they don't know what a cell phone is, but they do know they don't want to compete with it ,that's why the first way to tell your dog you love them is to give them your full attention when you walk in the door.Oftentimes when we are with our dogs ,we are staring at our phone at the same time whether you're on a walk around the block or snuggling on the couch. It's best to give one hundred percent of your attention to your pet.

Number 11 Talk to your dog using your dog voice

It might sound silly at first, but talking with your dog is a great way to express your love.Studies using MRI technology have shown that dogs do possess a cursory understanding of human language, so holding that one-way conversation with your pup isn't as crazy as you might think. Your dog may not understand exactly what you're saying but they will pick up on your tone and affection, and that high-pitched voice you use to talk to your dog dogs actually love it they know, you're talking to them and they will appreciate the attention from their special human.


Number 12 Take time to cuddle

Dogs are pack animals and close contact ,makes them feel safe and secure,allowing your pup to sleep with you demonstrates to them that you are part of their pack, this in turn strengthens the bonds of love and trust you both feel for one another, even if you don't let your dog in bed with you, you can still create opportunities every now and then,to tell your dog you love them by snuggling up with them on the couch ,or on the floor this will deepen your dog's bond with you.

Number 13 Lean on them

Did you know that a dog will lean their body weight against you as a sign of love and trust?The best way to tell your dog you love them is to lean into them and let them lean on you even though it's tempting full body, hugs aren't good for dogs, a hug is usually threatening or unwelcome to them especially if they feel trapped, leaning into a dog ,and letting them lean into you is a much better way to bond, displays of affection like this are often overlooked and confused with other behaviors ,so don't ignore their hugs lean back on them for a moment ,and let them know you love them too, don't push them away or crush them just the right amount of lean will demonstrate that you trust them.

Number 14 Surprise them with their favorite food

Who doesn't like to be surprised with a favorite dish prepared by someone?Special dogs own a remarkable appetite ,and something homemade will be an extra special treat for them, take the time to prepare some exquisite homemade food for your canine as a nice surprise, feeding and love go together hand in hand ,when it comes to showing your dog you love them so it should be no surprise that if you make a special dish for your dog, they will love you for it.

Better understanding,better relationship......