21 Human Behaviors Dogs Hate The Most

21 Human Behaviors Dogs Hate The Most

21 Human Behaviors Dogs Hate The Most

A dog is more than just a pet ,they're a family member whose life you're

responsible for.There are certain human behaviors that

dogs secretly hate.Dogs often tolerate these behaviors

because they are loyal and easy going. we'll

Discuss the top 20 human behaviors that dogs hate and wish you wouldn't do.

#01 Ignoring them

When you bring a baby into your home, ignore the dogs and this can be a difficult for a dog because they’re no longer the center of attention,don’t ignore your furry friend,give your dog plenty of attention when the baby is around,studies have shown that dogs make for happier babies having a pet increases levels of serotonin a happy chemical that increases well-being.

#02 Being upset 

Recent studies have shown that when humans cry their dogs also feel distress.Life has its ups and downs you can't expect to be happy all the time.However if you are going through a period of depression or stress,it is bound to affect your furry friend,some dogs will mirror your emotions becoming sad ,stressed or even sick.Do your best to keep with some sort of routine and spend time with your dog.Dogs can offer great emotional support.

There's a reason dogs are so good at animal assisted therapy.

#03 A tight leash

A tight leash dogs can read

human tension levels through their leash,

if you are keeping a loose leash you are

telling your dog that everything is fine and relaxed.A tight leash on the other hand means you are tense or nervous. Dogs get irritated if they

are being pulled on their leash all the time.It is painful and it can injure them and also frustrate them.A dog can easily be least trained with the use of a proper harness and positive reinforcement.

#04 Being the potty police  

Don't be so pushy on your dog to go potty,canines want nothing more than to stop sniff and explore their surroundings,rushing your dog through a walk without allowing them to stop and sniff is unkind.

#05 You give up

Owning a dog is a responsibility to be taken seriously, there are times when it's best to re-home a dog,but then there are the owners who give up without trying to address whatever issues they have with their pets, it's important to know that unwanted behaviors such as destructive separation anxiety,leash aggression or going potty inside,it can get better with training and age a dog who has lost its owner will undergo bouts of depression,they may pace and search unsuccessfully for their former owners,they often hide or cower in fear until they get acclimatised to their new environment.And the vast majority of dogs in shelters don't make it out alive.

#06 Too much alone time  

Too much alone time dogs are very social animals and those who are left alone in a home for 10 or more hours each day can develop behavioral and psychological issues such as separation anxiety destructive behavior excessive barking digging or even escaping.Some dogs can lose house training skills and urinate or defecate in the house.Your dog is a member of your family.and as such needs to spend time with you.If you work long hours,ask a friend or a dog walker to stop by once each day to take them for a walk,you can also take them to a doggy care ,if that’s not possible be sure to spend quality time with them when you return ,iteration with others is critical to your dog’s well-being so however you do it,get them some company.

Re-home dog,a dog who has lost its owner will undergo bouts of depression,they may pace and search unsuccessfully for their former owners,they often hide or cower in fear until they get acclimatised to their new environment .and the vast majority of dogs in shelters don’t make it out alive.

#7 Arguing in front of them

Arguing in front of them perhaps you are in argument with your spouse and the conversion gets loud or someone begins to cry .It’s easy to forget you have a witness watching the fight unfold and it dose create stress in your dog.Dogs may try to break up a fight by barking or coming over to you with a toy.Some dogs will also steal your favorite belongings because they know you will leave the argument to chase them down.whatever they do your dog can sense when something is wrong.A hostile environment is not good for you and is certainly not good for your dog.

#8 Teasing them with treats

Treats should be used as a reward but not an instrument to tease or trick your pet.

#9 Loud music

Loud noises are stressful for your dog,because dogs have much more sensitive hearing than humans canines can hear sounds four times as far as humans. Dogs can be very agitated by noises that don't bother us at all ,thunder fireworks police sirens and loud vehicles are probably the most common noise phobia triggers.People who listen to loud music in their cars with their dogs in the car are probably harming their dogs.

#10 The baby treatment 

You should love your dogs who they are.Dog is a dog and it needs to be treated as such expecting a dog to do things he simply cannot or has no understanding of may lead to anxiety and confusion

Many dog owners confuse caring for their dogs with treating them like babies .It's important to remember that a dog is a dog,and it needs to be treated as such expecting a dog to do things, he simply cannot or has no understanding,or may lead to anxiety and confusion a common example is a dog who chews expensive furniture or defecates in the house by attaching human reason for this behavior, you may think the dog is trying to exact revenge in reality, the dog could be stressed have separation anxiety is sick or is not properly house trained treating ,your dog as a baby may lead to ineffective training or misplaced punishment, and it means the real problem not only goes unaddressed ,but could get worse .Some dog owners discourage their dogs from certain inherent behaviors such as sniffing urine and sniffing each other from behind in these situations ,we are not caring for our furry friends ,but preventing them from their own nature,it is important that you love your dog for who they are.

#11 Teasing them with treats

It may all be fun and games from your perspective

,and even seem the same way for your dog but that's hardly the case,

treats should be used as a reward but not an instrument to tease or trick your pet.

#12 Rough housing

Children are unpredictable and impulsive, they can sometimes agitate or annoy a dog ,especially one who is unused to their unpredictable and energetic nature, kids may pull on a dog's ears or tail, poke its eyes or try to ride a big dog, before you have kids over ask their parents to explain the protocol to their children, if the kids want to play hard and your dog seems concerned, put them in a room that is off limits to the children.

#13 summer heat

Unlike humans dog don’t sweat so they don’t tolerate high temperature as well humans do, while your dog does have some sweat glands in their pores,these do little to help regulate their body temperature instead a dog’s primary cooling mechanism

#14 over-exercise

Fit people who go for daily runs or bike rides often take their dogs with them for company,but extended runs can be hard or harmful for certain breeds or senior dogs,for instance short-nosed breeds like pugs and bulldogs have respiratory issues that are not good for running long distances .If your dog is older than eight always consult with your vet and get their advice for the exercise requirement.

#15 forced socialization

Although dogs are pack animals,it doesn't mean they want to socialize all the time.

The more you cater to the puppy,the more you go in the back of the pack .

Think about it do you want to talk with any person you meet on the street ?Just like humans dogs simply don’t like bonding with certain dogs,if your furry friend is aggressive towards some dogs don’t keep forcing them together expecting them to warm up to each other

#16 being scolded without understanding why  

You may be upset or angry because your dog has done something you don’t like,because the dog don’t understand what they have done wrong or what is going on by scolding your pet ,you are passing your anger and negativity without addressing the main problem,this can create stress and confusion in your dog by using positive reinforcement you can reward the behaviors you like and ignore the behaviors you dislike

#17 cleaning them too often

Dog want to communicate with other dogs and hope to keep the body tidy.

#18 being put away when friends come over

Dog are very social animals keeping your dog in the backyard and ignoring them when your friends come over is like solitary confinement for your dog by letting them out while your guests are over.Your dog will get a chance to bond with your friends and they will also learn to behave better around new people

#19 same food over and over

Same food over and over

Dogs don't like it when you eat the best food and all they get is dog food ,prepare a special meal for your furry friend every now and then ,and let them enjoy their favorite dish luckily, you do not need to drastically change your dog's food on a daily basis .Dogs have only a fraction of the taste

buds that humans have ,which means they don't get bored of eating the same food as often as humans do.

#20 dinner time interruptions   

if someone kept touching you during your dinner time you'd get annoyed.

when your dog is eating respect their bliss and let them be place the dish in a low traffic area and instruct your family members to let the dog in peace.Let him enjoy the food.