Why Choose Dr.Trainer Dog Barking Collar?

 -A dramatically more powerful Smartphone APP Control for recording dog barking
-The world’s first smart custom sound control system.
-Exceptional fastest charging support
-A huge leap in battery life.
-Intelligent Progressive Correction Support
-No More Accidental Shock

Smartphone APP Control

A dramatically more powerful Smartphone APP Controlfor recording dog barking


Barking History Record

View the bark control records,to know better about the dog's barking frequency and develop training plans better


Supreme IP67 Waterproof

Extremely Safe Even Used In Swim Or Rainy Day


Quick Charging Mode

40Min Exceptional Fastest Charging Support Working For 15 Days,Standby 120 Days


Free Combination Support

Free Combination 2 Safe Training Modes- Smart APP/Watch Setting,allow you to customize a scientific and effective correction plan


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Comments From Customers

I have been through several anti-bark collars and returned them all because they did not have the mixture of modes I wanted. When I found this one, I was excited because with the phone app, it did everything I needed. However, when I downloaded the app and paired it with my phone it asked me to allow or disallow access to ALL data and pictures in my phone. I was told they keep everything in the cloud and they were very careful about keeping all data private. I was not about to give them access to ALL data and photos on my phone so I answered "Deny" and went ahead to set up the collar the way I wanted it. It was then the software told me all of the modes and settings were not available to me because I did not allow them access to ALL of my phone's data. This killed most of the modes I wanted. WHY WOULD THE MAKER OF THIS DOG BARK COLLAR WANT TO HAVE ACCESS TO ALL OF MY DATA? I called their customer service in Oregon( 3 hours behind us) and no one answered the phone. I have called 4 times so far with no responce and I have e-mailed them twice with no responce. I am returning their collar.

Steven M. Fried

I don't write many reviews but this collar is fantastic and unique. I have a mini ausie. He is very smart and barked A LOT at neighbors, noises and just to get attention. I tried several collars without success and other gadgets too. Some had tones that scared him to death (I would rather deal with barking then see my dog live in fear). and others he just ignored. I refused to try one that would shock him. This collar did the trick. I programmed it so that the first bark had a response of just my voice "no bark". That usually stops him in his tracks. He looks around to see where I am and stops barking. Sometimes he will bark again which causes my voice again along with a mild vibration.... and the third bark (he rarely gets that far), sets off my voice and a medium vibration. I love the option to program it the way I want. It started working the first time I put it on him and even now he doesn't seem to mind when I slip it on and yet it stops him from barking. I don't need to put it on more then about 30 minutes or so a week (kind of like a reminder for him). Finally my house is quiet and my dog is happy, this collar does not scare him at all but instead it trains him on the spot without having to constantly get after him. It is the personal voice program that works for us. My dog is 4 years old and part of our family. So happy that we finally found a way to get a quiet happy home.

Bunny Tellvik

I have had a corgi for 9 years and she barks excessively. At everything! I tried spraying her nose with water, I tried making a loud noise, clapping, yelling, and finally a shock collar (against my better judgement). Nothing worked and the shock collar just made me feel cruel. Well I just moved into an apartment where “quiet time” is from 10pm to 6am. If she continued to bark excessively, I could end up losing my home. So as a last chance, I ordered the Dr. Trainer vibrating collar. To be honest, I didn’t have a lot of hope. It has decent reviews but I really didn’t think it would work. I got it 2 weeks before I moved. The very first time I put it on and she barked, she immediately stopped. I didn’t believe it actually worked. So I knocked on the counter, a noise that usually makes her bark like crazy. She barked once and stopped. I was blown away. I used it during the day for the 2 weeks before we moved and it worked like a charm. It even kept her from barking at the vacuum, which she HATES. I don’t even use the collar anymore. She has broken the habit. She’ll still bark if something is worthy of barking at but it’s one or two barks and then she stops. This thing has seriously been a life saver. And it links with an app on your phone where you can adjust the strength of the vibration, the noise, and it records when your dog is barking while you’re gone so you can look for patterns. I wish I had gotten this years ago! Best thing I’ve ever bought.